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Latest news

Aim to Sustain Lead Transition Statements for Spring 2024

All Aim to Sustain partner organisations are fully committed to the voluntary transition away from lead shot – significant progress has been made as we enter the fifth year of the transition, but all major organisations representing the shooting community understand that there is further to go. Aim to Sustain will continue to make the positive argument, encouraging all shoots and shooters to make the transition away from lead shot.

Are you planning to catch-up this season?

Are you planning to catch-up this season? Aim to Sustain is calling on all shoot managers and gamekeepers who plan to catch-up gamebirds this season to continue to observe a 21-day standstill period before moving caught-up birds to another location. The 21-day standstill, or quarantine period, was included in the

Aim to Sustain statement on RSPB Birdcrime report

Despite the positive news of a massive decline in raptor persecution this year, all involved in Aim to Sustain share the same total commitment to tackling this crime with a swift and zero tolerance approach.