Aim to Sustain statement on RSPB Birdcrime report

Despite the positive news of a massive decline in raptor persecution this year, all involved in Aim to Sustain share the same total commitment to tackling this crime with a swift and zero tolerance approach.


Any incident is to be condemned, but it’s also important to recognise the progress made which is demonstrated in this report. Engagement and conservation work by Aim to Sustain partner organisations has played a major role in the current high number of raptors thriving and breeding in the UK. Across the country, there are countless species and habitat conservation projects ongoing with game and land managers playing a crucial role – their contribution is one to be appreciated.


As in any walk of life, everyone should fully abide by the law and the overwhelming majority of people in game and land management share that view. Where found, raptor persecution must not be tolerated and be met with the full force of the law – that is the position of all involved in Aim to Sustain.

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation statement:

BASC statement:

Confirmed incidents involving birds of prey in the UK 2013-2022