Aim to Sustain at the Trusted Game Self-Regulation Conference

 Spike Butcher, Aim to Sustain’s operations director, recently spoke at the Trusted Game Self-Regulation Conference at Englefield Hall.  Aim to Sustain’s strategic focus on self-regulation is critical to showing Government and the public that we are responsible custodians of the countryside, whatever our place in game shooting’s broad church. A commitment to self-regulation demonstrates a commitment to high standards, best practice and transparency.  

He discussed Aim to Sustain’s approach, what options there are to self-regulate, such as the Aim to Sustain Game Assurance and Trusted Game schemes.  He also explored the opportunities and challenges faced in self-regulating and how everyone can all do their bit to make a positive impact.  Vitally, without engagement and support from across the sector to self-regulate, making the case for the beneficial effects of game shooting to policy makers and the public is significantly harder.