Great British Game Week is here!

Great British Game week launches today, running from the 6th – 12th November.

Now in its seventh year, Great British Game week is a collaborative effort between British Game Assurance (soon to be Eat Wild) and BASC’s Eat Game initiative, that Aim to Sustain is proud to support.

This year is an especially significant celebration of wild game as Aim to Sustain is currently in the process of taking on responsibility for the game assurance scheme from BGA.

Game meat is becoming an increasingly popular choice well beyond the shooting community for its significant nutritious benefits and sustainability. The week is an excellent opportunity to further champion game meat to the general public. 

The week will be marked by a promotion of dinners, events and special offers encouraging consumers right across the UK to enjoy game meat, many for the first time.

The approach taken by BGA last year was hugely successful. Using a modern approach to promote game and by teaming up with ‘foodie influencers’ they were able to reach a combined following of 464,136. This year’s promotion looks on course to be the biggest yet.

A whole range of businesses will be involved in special promotions throughout the week, from special menus in restaurants and pubs using high quality game meat.

Shooting estates will mark the occasion by hosting a series of shoots, game focused menus and other events designed to introduce game meat and shooting to a wider audience.

In this spirit Eat Wild is taking their food truck to Newcastle University’s campus today to offer students the opportunity to try a range of free products in an effort to spread the word about game meat.

Great British Game week should be a fun celebration of game however it comes at a defining time for our community. Self-regulation is absolutely vital for the survival of our sector.

As Aim to Sustain takes on responsibility for the assurance scheme it is important that we continue to develop and grow uptake. Events like Great British Game Week are excellent opportunities to promote game meat to a wider audience, but it must also be used to support self-regulation, before critics of the sector do it for us.

Aim to Sustain and our partner organisations urge the shooting community to get involved with as much as they can during the week.