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The threats to shooting are very real, and we need your help.

England is teetering on the brink of banning released game birds in protected areas, Scotland is on the cusp of making shooting grouse illegal and introducing a licensing regime citing poor and illegal practice, and the Welsh Government has stated it is anti-shooting and set to ban snares. Labour has announced that it will review grouse shooting when it next gets in to power, due to perceived ‘substantial environmental damage’.

Aim to Sustain believes that effective self-regulation – not bureaucratic legislation – across the sector is the best way of safeguarding the future of sustainable game management and shooting.

Please help us help you.
Aim to Sustain is a partnership of eight rural organisations, with GWCT as our scientific advisor, working to promote and protect game shooting and preserve associated wildlife habitats in the UK. We support sustainable and responsible shooting, environmental balance, animal welfare, local communities, and the rural way of life.

Scientific research by the GWCT shows than when shoots follow best practice guidelines, significant biodiversity benefits are delivered. The GWCT, as scientific advisor to Aim to Sustain, is undertaking a survey to understand how the providers and participants in game shooting view self-regulation and how it could work best across the sector.

There are three short surveys which will take only 5 minutes:

Please complete the survey most relevant to your situation or more than one if you are both participant and provider. We would be grateful if you would complete the survey by 31st January 2023.

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